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"What is remembered lives."--Starhawk
Interfaith and Pagan funeral or memorial
Honoring a Loved One Who Has Died


The passing of a life into the next stage is just as important as a wedding or a birth. Death is difficult for those who remain, but a meaningful memorial or funeral can help ease the transition. I pledge to help you create a service that celebrates the life of your loved one--which includes beloved animal companions--in a manner that reflects their personality and honors their spiritual tradition, if they followed one. Services can be either simple or elaborate, yet all will convey beauty and love.


My Fees

Fees for memorials and funerals are based on complexity and any necessary travel. We can discuss in detail during your initial consultation, which is free of charge.


Have More Questions?

If I did not answer your question here, please contact me. I consider it a privilege to help people honor the lives and memories of those they love.




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