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Attention Pagans--Report to Class!

Updated: Jan 25

Summer courses for Cherry Hill Seminary are up! Even though I'm done with my MDiv, learning is a life-long goal for me, so I'll definitely be taking one of these classes. And if you haven't tried out a class yet from Cherry Hill--do it! They have affordable credit and non-credit courses. Do it for the experience and spiritual growth potential rather than stressing over grades.

So, what will I take this summer? The class on Western Esotericism sounds really freakin' fantastic and will cover topics like the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Theosophy and more. I think this is super important because they were so foundational to modern Paganism, but I don't think many Pagans have a good appreciation for this history. Plus, the instructor is awesome! However, I'll likely pass on this one because of the longer course length--I got lots going on!

The next class is one on Human Growth & Development with a focus on how one's Pagan worldview or lifestyle plays a role. This is also a graduate-level course with a longer course length, so I'll have to pass. It does sound interesting to explore these psychological topics, however.

Next are 2 four-week, non-credit courses: Archetypal Imagery in Counseling and Pagan Ethics. The first sounds fascinating because I love archetypal work, but honestly, I'm not feeling a course on counseling right now. The other class on ethics should be excellent because I've had that instructor before, and I truly enjoyed the class--however, I've already had the class.

Last is the other non-credit, 4-week course on Egyptian Spirituality. This course will review ancient Egypt and what its myths and insights can mean for us today. And this one is the winner! I plan to enroll in this class because I know so little about ancient Egypt, plus the instructor is a modern practitioner, so I know it will be interesting.

Don't miss these opportunities--enroll today!

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