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Book About Wicca Donated to Local Jail

Happy to donate a copy of "Enchantment Encumbered" today to the Chaplain's Unit at the local jail. They may give it to a resident or keep it as a resource. Regardless, I hope it will help inform and dispel misinformation about Wicca and Paganism in general. It's a great book for anyone who wants to learn more, and I used it for one of my last seminary research papers. The book is published by Mother Earth Ministries, which does great work for incarcerated Pagans in Arizona.

I also have to say that my experience volunteering last year at the local jail was a very positive experience from an interfaith perspective. I've been able to develop a good relationship with one Christian chaplain in particular, and she's been so open to learning about Paganism and my own spiritual journey. She and I have different beliefs, for sure, but I am so grateful for her friendship, which I hope continues to develop. And if it weren't for her--a fairly conservative Christian--I doubt this book on Paganism would have made it to the jail. She exemplifies what is means to be a chaplain in that it is not about you but about addressing the spiritual needs of those you serve even when they differ from your own beliefs and practices.

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