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Ditch the Conspiracies and Roll Up Your Sleeve!

Updated: Jan 25

I did it--I got my 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. The first dose was back in December. And I'm writing this to beg you, dear reader, to please do the same--for all of us. My hospital supervisor and I were talking about the misinformation and fear that's out there about the vaccine, and recommended that I post so that at least I'm one more voice supporting the vaccine.

I hear that people are worried about side effects, overall safety, the time frame in which the vaccines were developed. Good--ask questions, research and educate yourself. This is your health, so yes, you should ask questions and do what you feel is best. But please, stop listening to misinformation on TV or social media or whatever your Aunt PittyPat heard yesterday about the vaccine. This is your health, so take it seriously.

I had concerns, too, and so I educated myself. I got both doses, and I'm fine. Of course, the vaccine isn't fool-proof. It's too soon to know how effective the vaccines are against the virus in the long-term and in everyone who receives it. But it's one more tool to protect ourselves and those we love, just like masks, hand washing, social distancing and staying home. Is this religious or spiritual? Of course! Our religious or spiritual values inform how we treat our own bodies and the people around us. For me, I'm in community with you, and you're all in community with me. Whatever steps I can take to protect myself and you--these are all worth it. So please, ditch the conspiracy theories and roll up your sleeve, for goddess' sake!

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