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"Do I Have to Wear Black?" Answers Pagan Questions About Death and Dying

Finally got my copy of Do I Have to Wear Black? Rituals, customs & funerary etiquette for modern Pagans by my friend Mortellus! Her book was released in February, and it covers death and dying from a Pagan perspective, and offers rituals, meditations and advice from different Pagan traditions. Mortellus is a professional mortician and also provides important and practical tips for advanced care directives, wills and powers of attorney, critical documents that people often wait to discuss until it's too late.

Mortellus invited me to contribute, which was awesome. I share some thoughts on grief and a few suggested rituals. I look forward to reading this book to learn from other Pagans, and I'm thrilled Mortellus has written it because I think death and dying is a topic often overlooked, even in some Pagan circles. Order your own copy here!

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