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Documentary Explores Complexities of Race, Generations and Reconciliation in America

My friend Frederick DeShon Murphy is about to release his latest documentary tackling race in America. Titled The Other Side of the Coin: Race, Generations & Reconciliation, the film addresses the complexities of race in this country, asking the critical question, "How do we reconcile for the sake of future generations and humanity?" Click here to view the trailer or here to support Murph through GoFundMe.

I met Murph when I was organizing a Charlotte chapter of Coming To The Table, and we shared our own stories related to race (he's black, I'm white) and why working toward racial justice is so important. Shortly afterward, I got to see his award-winning documentary The American South as We Know It, which explores the lives and experiences of African Americans during the Jim Crow era. Murph is a great interviewer and expertly captures painful but inspiring stories of how racism harms everyone as well as the highest ideals of our country. He's an avid history lover and travels around the country to learn and share his insights with others. He isn't afraid to reveal hard truths, but he does so in a way that I think bridges many of the rushing currents flowing through our society.

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