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Gods of Olympus Reimagined with Black Models

The Greek pantheon is very familiar--Apollo, Hermes, Artemis, Nike, Eros, Aphrodite, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus and others. We use these names today for space vehicles, corporate names and brand identities, pet names, mystical concepts, etc. Their original religious practices may have faded with time, but these mythical gods and goddesses still wield power in our imaginations whether we're Greek or not.

Spanish photographer Ana Martinez has once again reimagined the residents of Mt. Olympus using black models--and the results are stunning and inspirational. She uses familiar iconography and symbols but with contemporary twists, such as picturing Zeus with white sneakers or Hera in silvery high heels. Martinez then digitally manipulates her photos to add fiery touches and highlights to set ablaze the arrows of Eros or the eyes of Aphrodite, for example. I've included a few of my favorite shots below.

But these Greek deities are experiencing a revival in devotion, too. Modern Pagans in Greece and elsewhere are reviving the religious practices and adapting them to a modern world. Typically referred to as Hellenismos or Hellenic Paganism, the outlook is polytheistic, cosmotheistic and animistic and seeks to restore a relationship with the ancient and powerful Greek gods and goddesses that continue to inspire us today.

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