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Handmade Drum for Sale

As part of downsizing and moving, I feel I no longer need some of my spiritual tools, like this beautiful handmade drum (pictured) which I originally bought back in 2010 from The Drum People. Little Badger, a Native American drum maker, is now retired, so this is a special opportunity to receive and enjoy one of his creations.

The drum frame is made of reclaimed river cedar, and the head is cowhide. The carrying case was handmade by Cheryl, Little Badger's wife, along with the beading on one of the 2 drumsticks. The case includes a storage pocket for 1 drumstick. I also have all the care information originally provided by Little Badger.

I've only used the drum privately and only occasionally, so it is in excellent condition. I know it would love to be used more often! So, what's the price? I'd like to receive $175 for it, but we can negotiate. Contact me with questions or to make an offer.

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