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Interfaith Connections at Charlotte PRIDE Kickoff

Charlotte's 2020 PRIDE kicked things off with a reception this past weekend, featuring new logos (pictured), a new parade route, door prizes, T-shirts and more. I stopped by to see who I could meet because I plan to once more be part of the PRIDE Interfaith service to be held July 26. Last year, I was the first Pagan to speak at one of these services. This year, I may do the same or, if not, work with others in the local Pagan community to ensure we have some representation.

At the reception, I met the new Interfaith coordinator who replaced my good friend John S., who has led Interfaith PRIDE for the last several years. I'm not sure what faith tradition the new guy (Dustin) follows, but I did have some email exchange with him about Paganism. He was welcoming and interested in having me participate, but based on his response, I think Paganism is all new to him. So it was important that I meet him in person. While there, I also reconnected with a PRIDE board member who I remembered from last year's Interfaith service. She remembered me as well and thanked me again for participating last year. I think it is so important for Pagans to be as visible as possible--just like the LGBTQ community--and so I'm feeling good about this year's Interfaith service. Stay tuned for details!

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