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Meditation on a Virus

Updated: Jan 25

With the impact the Coronavirus is having on the entire world right now, how do we look at it spiritually? Of course, every religion or spiritual path has a view of its own, some which contradict one another. What follows are just my personal reflections.

I can’t see or touch you and yet, Your presence alters my life. My body is humbled, I am held firmly in your grasp.

Some describe God in this way-- Invisible, untouchable and yet, They say God changes our lives, Our bodies God’s temple, and He holds us in loving hands.

How curious that the language of religion And the work of a virus have so much in common. Contracting a virus once rewards with life-long immunity, Like the Christian promise of eternal salvation.

Seen another way, you are just another of life’s expressions, Striving to survive in this fragile world. You need my cells to thrive-- My life requires you must die.

Smallpox, the flu, measles and HIV, Your names are old and new. So many guises and masks you wear, I remain ever alert.

You spare no human, animal or plant, You rank as Earth’s most abundant thing. Like me, you evolve but quicker, Claiming the title Apex Predator.

Where did you come from? No one is sure. Some say your kind keeps mine in check, Others think you’re God’s iron fist.

We call on the Spirits to save us when you appear, But how are we separated, you and I, When you are closer to me Than any god to whom I pray?

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