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My Workshop Makes the Cut for Mystic South 2020

I'm celebrating that I just heard from organizers of the Mystic South Conference that my workshop proposal has been accepted! This year, I'll be presenting on how Pagans can become a chaplain and what that looks like. I'll cover service opportunities, training resources plus how to navigate people and scenarios in which a Pagan might not be initially welcome. Come join me!

There's so much more to the profession of chaplaincy than people realize, and the world desperately needs more Pagans to offer care, in my opinion. Why? First, representation matters, and as Pagans, we need to be seen. There are Pagans out there who need chaplaincy services, and it would be nice to get it directly from another Pagan. Secondly, Pagans tend to acknowledge the right of other religions to exist without proselytizing, which is crucial in modern chaplaincy work. Pagans don't care if you're Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or whatever. Also, many Pagans are used to being creative with ritual in the moment, and many of the modalities that we take for granted--meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki and other alternative therapies--are increasingly becoming commonplace in health care and other industries. Pagans should be leading the way because we know this stuff!

But I don't want to give too much away! Now let's just hope the national quarantine is lifted by then so the conference can actually take place. July seems far away, but no one know what things will look like in only 3 months. If you haven't heard of Mystic South, I've been every year, and it's my favorite "big" Pagan conference. Why? It's smaller than most which gives it a homier, more Southern feel. And since it's relatively close in Atlanta, I always run into lots of people I know. Plus the conferences, etc., are top-notch. Maybe I'll see you there!

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