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Orishas and Biblical Characters Captured in Photography of James C. Lewis

If you're not familiar with the stunning photography of James C. Lewis, you simply must check it out! I've long been a fan of his ability to capture spiritual icons in a powerful and contemporary way. His collections include an "Icons of the Bible" series--with all black models--my favorite, the Yoruba African Deities (Lukumi/Santeria) and a social justice series "Naked Black Justice." This last one is particularly poignant at this time.

A little closer to home, his models for the "Icons of Bible" collection included the 90-year-old grandmother of a good friend of mine plus 2 of her aunts. The grandmother portrayed Sarah, wife of Abraham, and her aunts (real-life sisters) portrayed sisters Mary and Martha, who were sisters of Lazarus, the man Jesus raised from the dead.

I find such inspiration and beauty in Lewis' work, and I wanted to highlight him here as another way to amplify the message that Black Lives Matter.

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