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"Papa Damballah" video released by Malou Beauvoir

Just had to share this new video from Haitian-American singer and actress Malou Beauvoir. Titled Papa Damballah, the song has particular spiritual significance for me. It's also lovely and haunting and highlights Beauvoir's ability to blend jazz influences with the often-overlooked beauty and richness of Vodou. In Vodou, Damballah is the lwa of peace, serenity and ultimate wisdom. His symbol is the snake, and he is generally considered to be a type of "sky father" deity. Damballah is highly revered in Vodou, and you don't go asking him for lots of help; rather, you go to him with thanks for all that you already have. Enjoy the song!

Malou also happens to be the niece of the late Max Beauvoir, a US-educated chemist and Vodou houngan (priest) who was known to the Clintons and who is credited by some as helping to prevent a US invasion of Haiti in 1994. Beauvoir was best known for helping to demystify Vodou and being selected as a "national houngan" before his death in 2017. Malou credits her uncle Max for passing on his love for Vodou and its traditions.

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