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Points of Light--and Little Debbie rolls

Updated: Jan 25

I'm chowing down on some chocolaty-creamy Little Debbie Swiss Rolls as I write this, because--don't judge!--I'm stress eating. Usually I'm a very disciplined guy when it comes to food, but the incessant coronavirus news has me down. Little Debbie to the rescue! Writing also helps me feel better, so here we are. But this post is actually positive, so thanks for continuing to read. I want to point out some good things I've seen over the past few days.

I've been encouraged by the preparation and compassion I've witnessed from both the American Red Cross, for which I volunteer, and the information provided by The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab. As these 2 groups have responded to the coronavirus, they've both demonstrated such expertise, calm and concern for others. It's been quite encouraging to see them working so hard and doing everything they can to benefit others. The Red Cross is taking great steps to protect its staff, volunteers and the nation's blood supply while balancing their mission to help people in crisis. I'm more proud than ever to be a volunteer. As I prepare for my work as a hospital chaplain, webinars from The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab have been insightful and inspiring. One webinar discussed the chaplain's role in supporting institutional staff--hospitals, schools, prisons--in a time of national crisis like the one we're experiencing. Another webinar discussed how chaplains are adapting to providing spiritual care remotely from their homes or an office in order to protect themselves and their patients or clients.

It's heartening to know these folks are out there, so those are my 2 points of light. And I know that's a reference to a speech given by former President George Bush, and while I'm not a big fan, the reference just seemed to work. Now if you'll excuse me, that Little Debbie roll needs my attention.

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