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Priestess Shares Glimpse of Real Vodou in Podcast

Wanna learn what Vodou is really all about? This podcast featuring my godmother Sallie Ann Glassman (pictured) clears away the misinformation and reveals how beautiful and healing Vodou is. Before I began practicing 7 years ago, I held many of the awful stereotypes about Vodou that most people do: evil curses, magickal dolls, wild and sexual ceremonies, brain-hungry zombies and racial caricatures. News flash--Vodou isn't any of that. It's deep, complex, inspiring and life-giving, and I'm so grateful my ancestors led me to it and to the fantastic community of which I'm now a part.

Sallie Ann talks about how she was led to Vodou, about our Papa Edgard Jean Louis, ceremonies and drumming, and about some of the lwa, the Vodou spirits we serve and who guide us daily. Don't get me wrong--I love a good zombie movie! Those are fun stories but ultimately have nothing to do with the Vodou I practice. The lwa have blessed me in ways I never imagined, and there is always more to learn and ways to grow. For a true taste of what Vodou, listen here. Ayibobo!

photo by Greg Miles for New Orleans Magazine

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