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Racialized Paganism Examined in Publication from Cherry Hill Seminary

In 2019, I attended the symposium "Paganism and Its Discontents" which addressed racialized identity theology in some contemporary Pagan traditions. Cherry Hill Seminary is now offering a book that collects the papers presented. There are intersections between these racialized Pagans and alt-right groups, so I think this is a relevant and important work.

From the abstract:

Proponents of racist interpretations of pre-Christian Norse-Germanic spiritualities have claimed to be preserving “heritage,” while others belonging to the contemporary Heathen movements have moved to distance themselves from “volkish” thinking. Long-simmering just beneath the surface of American Paganism, racialized Heathenry was on full display in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. The contributions to this volume delineate between two communities that are using shared symbolism for widely different purposes. The book will serve to broaden understanding of the narratives in play here, resulting in mitigation of the rising tide of hate and racialized identity.

Click here to see more about the book and to order.

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