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Russian Orthodoxy Scapegoats LGBTQ Folks and Labels Ukraine War as Divine

Updated: Jan 25

Many people think war is mainly about military movements, strategies, economic sanctions, refugees and so on--but religion often has a role, too, unfortunately. And there's definitely a religious underpinning to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, although most media outlets don't cover it. However, I think it's important to understand this aspect in order to appreciate how the Russian people may be thinking or why Putin and other Russian leaders are so committed to this attack.

Basically, Russia's complicit Patriarch Kirill of the Orthodox Church (pictured with Putin) is framing the war as part of God's divine plan for the country. It's about Russian/Orthodox Christian family values. It's about God-ordained tradition. It's about rooting out sin in society--you know, like gay Pride parades. (Wow, does that sound familiar. Pat Roberston anyone?)

And this isn't just a Russian problem. Us Americans have our own religious interpretations of what's happening in Ukraine, at least on the conservative Christian end of things. Speaking of Pat Roberston, it's God's divine plan for Christ's return or something. Or an unholy alliance by both conservative American Christians and Russian Orthodox against LGBTQ folks (again--boy, we're responsible for everything bad!).

Think I'm overreacting? Then consider the religious fervor behind the brutal Christian crusades or more recent examples of Muslim jihadism. My point is that religion can be used dangerously to unite people behind a powerful vision, therefore equipping them to endure and inflict all manner of suffering and violence. Stay informed!

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