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Tarot Card Flips the Script on the Coronavirus

This coronavirus sitch has given me ample opportunity to test my spiritual fortitude, but some days are better than others. I've had some helpful insights from my personal rituals and meditations, but I love to hear from others because they may have a perspective I don't or reach an insight in a different way. That's why I'm sharing this post from my friend Heather Gaffney Darnell about how The Hanged Man from tarot can guide us successfully through this pandemic.

I'm not a tarot reader, so I really appreciate how some people like Heather are able to learn this system of divination and pull wonderful insights from it. In her post, Heather writes:

"The Hanged Man offers us a choice. ... we can use this time to gain a new perspective. ... He is aware that what is happening is temporary and an opportunity to surrender to the situation. ... As we hang from our personal trees, feet to the sky, and head to the ground, I invite you to turn this period of uncertainty, fear, grief, and loss into an opportunity. This can be a rebirth if we allow it, full of hope and promise."

I've felt this already on some level, but Heather's use of The Hanged Man cut through my brain fog and triggered an old insight I had from years ago that also involved this card. The memory is fuzzy now, but some how, some way, I was meditating about The Hanged Man after grieving my partner John's death from cancer. The insight about having the power to change my perspective, to flip the script, made a huge and positive difference in my grieving process. Essentially, it gave me hope, that although things had not turned out the way I had hoped or wanted, there was a way forward.

After yesterday's announcement that this year's Mystic South Conference has been cancelled, like many others, I need that hope. To be clear, things are fine with me, but I've experienced some disappointments this year due to the coronavirus. Well, rather than whining about those, The Hanged Man says, "Embrace the reality that is here and see what you can do with that!"

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