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Weaving a Spell with Words

Updated: Jan 25

There's a lot said in the Pagan community about spells and magick, but I think we overlook one of the simplest and most powerful spells of all--our words. We talked about this in yesterday's coffee group. Yes, our words are the most powerful spell or magick we have, and it's available to everyone. No need to be initiated or learn anything--you have the power from day one. And yet we so underestimate this skill, and so many of us abuse it.

Think I'm wrong? Consider how a politician or inspiring speaker can captivate a crowd with their words, essentially putting the audience under a spell. When you leave, you feel empowered to take an action or otherwise change your life. That's magick, and it didn't require crystals, candles or any other purchased tool. Consider a ritual or ceremony, where you carefully think about each word in order to set the right tone. When it's over, participants feel inspired, encouraged, etc. That, too, is magick. So let's take this further into the more mundane world of daily conversations, arguments, tweets, posts, etc. What kind of spell are you weaving?

How do you talk to your friends, your family, to strangers? What kind of words do you use to cast your spell? And what do the majority of your words focus on? Gossip or complaints? Jealousy or self-pity? Kindness and gratitude? With this in mind, I think Pagans need to focus less on books and ritual tools and more on what comes out of our mouths.

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