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What Does a Chaplain Look Like?

Chaplains come in all shapes, sizes, forms, etc.--you name it! Take me, for example. I may be a white guy, but I'm also a gay Pagan Vodouisant! That's hardly your run-of-the-mill Protestant Christian chaplain (no offense to my many Protestant Christian chaplain friends!). But representation matters. This is one reason Chaplaincy Innovation Lab created its THIS Is What a Chaplain Looks Like project, to let the public know that chaplaincy is increasingly diverse--women, racial minorities, differently abled, minority religions (like Pagans), LGBTQ folks and more. My own bio just posted, and you can read a little about me here. So the next time you feel a need for spiritual care, keep in mind that you never know what your chaplain will look like--and hopefully, they will look more like YOU!

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