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What Does It Mean to Be an Inclusive Heathen?

Updated: Jan 25

"The opposite of racism is not inclusion. It is anti-racism." We're discussing this very thing right now at the hospital, and events at the Capitol are sparking important conversations in the Heathen community. There was a time when I thought about devoting myself to Heathenry because I feel such an affinity for the deities and practices, which isn't surprising since my ancestry is heavily Germanic and Scandinavian. However, as the author of this Wild Hunt article points out, Heathenry's history in the US has been riddled with racism and bigotry from the beginning and, frankly, I just didn't want to have to work that hard to defend my spirituality. For me, it was important and healing to find my spiritual home elsewhere. And it makes me sad that I felt I had to do that. But there are wonderful inclusive Heathens out there doing their part to fight racism, to be anti-racist--including Heathens Against Hate, The Troth and The Initiative for Inclusive Heathenry--I salute their work and wish them godspeed.

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