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Where Is the Hope for Black Men Like George Floyd?

Updated: Jan 25

Other people have written so much about the ongoing tragedy of deaths of African Americans at the hands of police. What can I possibly say that will be original or give any insight? George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many more. Here in Charlotte 4 years ago, it was Keith Lamont Scott. African Americans are afraid, sad and pissed--and for good reason. Some people march and protest, others contact Congress and local politicians. Plenty of people post outrage on social media. And nothing changes. Here we are again, saying the same empty words over and over, running back to the same worn-out hopes and half-baked solutions. When will it make a difference?

I'm writing about this here because I believe there is a spiritual dimension to this tragedy. Simply put, when will we care about the lives of others as much as we do our own? And even if we do care, how can we actually change things for the better when it's so needed? I'm not feeling particularly hopeful right now. People are trying so hard to make positive change within "the system," but it isn't working. Eventually, people are going to give up that route and try more desperate measures. It's what people do, especially as they grow more fearful, angry and desperate. And that doesn't always end well. Maybe that's what needs to happen--I don't know. I know I feel hopeless and heartbroken, and I can't even begin to imagine how black Americans feel right now.

Where is the hope? We so need it right now. And don't even start with a sugary-sweet "put your hope in God" line. There are many people all over the world who have put their hope in God--or Gods--for all manner of things and have been disappointed. I'm all about prayer or asking for courage and all that from whatever deity you follow, but I also believe we're co-creators in this thing called life. I think we each need to act--I need to act, somehow, some way. But what, where, when and how?

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