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"Yes, Say Gay!" and Support LGBTQ Folks in 2022 Charlotte PRIDE Interfaith Service

One event I will miss participating in now that I'm moving to Virginia is the Charlotte PRIDE Interfaith Service. For years, they've done a marvelous job of bringing religious and spiritual folks together to support the LGBTQ community and one another. And because Pagans and us queers generally have lots of things in coming, I've always found it to be a wonderful opportunity to talk about how Paganism can be a welcoming and inspiring spiritual space for LGBTQ folks. Below are a few details and links about this year's service and how to participate. Supporting our community is as important as ever, given the increase in "Don't Say Gay" legislation across the country including here in North Carolina. It's critical that young LGBTQ folks know that not all religious or spiritual people are their enemies.

Details are still to come on the 2022 PRIDE Interfaith service, but it is set for Sunday August 14, 4pm at St. Luke’s Missionary Baptist Church, 1600 Norris Avenue in Charlotte, 28206. Everyone--straight, LGBTQ+, religious or not--is welcome to attend.

Does your faith group want to participate in the interfaith service? RSVP at this link:

Got questions? Email Charlotte PRIDE Interfaith Team Coordinator Dustin Crites at

Charlotte PRIDE is also updating is Interfaith Resource Directory, a listing of LGBTQ-affirming organizations and congregations in the Charlotte area. Follow this link to have your spiritual community included in this important resource:

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