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Workshops, Discussions & More


I offer presentations and workshops on select topics rooted in my personal experiences as well as ministry interests. These can be customized for groups large or small. Contact me today with questions about the needs and interests of your group.




The original workshops I offer about grief primarily focus on the Pagan spiritual tradition. They mine the rich myths of Paganism for lessons and models on how to grieve in a healthy way. Perfect for a Pagan conference setting, or they can be tailored for smaller covens, groves, kindreds and other groups.

Interfaith Work

One of my goals as a minister is to share why I believe interfaith cooperation is important and also to bring insights from Pagan spiritual traditions into this discussion. Past interfaith talks have focused on LGBTQ concerns and end-of-life issues. Perfect for specifically interfaith settings or for groups seeking to partner with the Pagan community.

Racial Reconciliation

I believe racism still underlies many of the social challenges we face today. One key motivator for change is spirituality. Coming to terms with my own racism has been and continues to be a spiritual experience, and I feel that I am called to this work by my own ancestors. My work focuses on small group discussions that address difficult topics in a safe space, based on the mission of Coming To The Table.

Have Questions?

Please contact me with any questions about how these workshops and presentations might work for your group or audience.






Interfaith Work

Racial Reconciliation

Carolinas Medical Center, 2017

Pagan workshop and presentation


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