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How Was the Wedding?
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"Thank you so much for a beautiful service. You made the wedding perfect."

--Marcy H.

"We just re-read the words from Megan and Todd's wedding. They are so beautiful and appropriate, perfect for them--your words really captured the moment. You did a magnificent job."

--Martha C.


"You crushed it, Wes! Everyone said how great your words were and how smooth and seamless you made the ceremony. Thanks a million!"

--Matthew B.

"You truly went above and beyond, and we are so grateful to have found you."

--Tate H.

"The ceremony was amazing! I hope the gods bless us with another chance to cross paths."

--Debbi S.

"I will recommend you for any newly engaged couples"

--Heather S.

"One of our first decisions when planning our wedding was to ask Rev. Wes to officiate. His advice, organization and flexibility helped us pull off a perfect--albeit unconventional--ceremony."

--Todd D.

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Thanks!--Rituals & More

"Thank you again--you did a wonderful job on my mother's memorial service."

--Holly H.

"I've had a number of people say that they learned more about Paganism that day than they ever imagined."

--John S.

"Rev. Wes blessed our home and also performed our wedding ceremony. We're not religious people, but we appreciate rituals that connect important moments in our lives to a deeper meaning. He deftly creates personalized rituals for any occasion worthy of pause and reflection. Beyond that, I've known Rev. Wes for years, and I'm so happy to have such a lovely person as part of my own journey."

--Justin E.

"Thank you for delivering the invocation at the County Commissioner's meeting--
we appreciate you taking the time to represent the residents of Guilford County."

--Effie V.

"My Graduation Wish ceremony was a very spiritual experience. I loved the fire ritual!"

--Linzy L.

"Wes took a diverse group of people and reached all members in a different spiritual way. Our house blessing was deep and light-hearted at the same time. It felt like the blessing was customized just for us."

--Elaine M.

"I really loved my multicultural house blessing. I had a showing today just after
2 months of nothing. Coincidence? I don't think so!"

--Gail B.

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